Australian Geoscience Data Cube

The Australian Geoscience Data Cube provides an integrated gridded data analysis environment for decades of analysis ready earth observation satellite and related data from multiple satellite and other acquisition systems.

10 November 2015: AGDC Video Presentation released (mp4 video (329 M)) and shown at the 29th CEOS Plenary last week.

About the AGDC

In 2014, Geoscience Australia, CSIRO and the NCI established the Australian Geoscience Data Cube, building on earlier work of Geoscience Australia and expanding it to include additional earth observation satellite and other gridded data collections (e.g. MODIS, DEM) in order to expand the range of integrated data analysis capabilities that were available.

Version 1 of the AGDC, maintained by Geoscience Australia (see, utilises the full Australian Landsat archive for operational and some exploratory analyses and is deployed at the NCI petascale computing facility for use by NCI users. Version 2 of the AGDC builds on the concepts introduced in the original AGDC and extends these with a modular software design and the flexibility to deploy to multiple computing environments.

Collaboration Wiki

Read and contribute to the community documentation for the structure, development and usage examples of the AGDC. The wiki is public read. Please request an account to contribute.

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GitHub Source Code

The current implementation of AGDC v2 concepts is intended as a working prototype for a cohesive, sustainable framework for large-scale multidimensional data management for geoscientific data. This public development release is intended to foster broader collaboration on the design and implementation. It is not intended for operational use.

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The operational version of the original AGDC code is available from